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What Is Network Monitoring and Why Is It So Important

Categories: Hardware & Networking

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What Is Network Monitoring and Why Is It So Important


Network monitoring is a process that ensures the efficiency and performance of a network.


Network monitoring tools can detect unexpected changes in the network, such as bandwidth usage, and take appropriate measures to prevent problems. The tools can also identify unauthorized access to the network or data breaches. Network monitoring is very important for companies that rely on their networks for business operations.


Network monitoring is essential to any IT infrastructure to ensure efficiency and performance. There are many different types of network monitors, but they all have one goal - to detect unexpected changes in the network and take appropriate measures when needed.



Top 10 Free Network Monitoring Software


  • Dynatrace


  • Logic Monitor


  • G2 Deals


  • Datadog


  • Auvik


  • Progress WhatsUp Gold


  • NinjaOne (formerly NinjaRMM)


  • Atera


  • Intermapper


  • checkmk


Why Network Monitoring Tool is used?

Network Checking Programming is utilized to screen the exhibition of your IT foundation. These instruments permit you to find network issues and resolve them.

What Is Network Monitoring and Why Is It So Important