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What Every Beginner Needs to Know About Programming

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What Every Beginner Needs to Know About Programming


Programming is an intriguing field because it gives us the superpower to regulate computer programs on the go. It can be used for ships, traffic control, robotics, self-driving vehicles, smartphone applications, websites and many more. The programming field is so vast, and there is so much information to absorb, that if you don't keep up with all the news and updates early enough, you'll never make it to the top.

To make sure you stay up to date on standards and protocols, and even more so in the field of coding, it's important to track developments in your field. Programmers of all specialties can easily benefit from keeping an eye on new developments and following industry-leading blogs and websites.


List of Programming Blogs and Websites for Improving Your Coding Skills


Better Programming

Better Programming is a programming-oriented blog on Medium. They publish multiple articles from multiple authors every day, all curated and edited to ensure you get excellent content.

They cover a wide range of topics and languages for programming, with material for both beginners and very advanced readers. If you want to develop programming skills, this should be on your daily reading list. So, before you plan to start your own programming blog, it is best to become a regular reader of better programming blogs!



This platform emerged as a non-profit organization in 2014, becoming one of the best free programming platforms for learning code and web development. Along with training courses, users can discuss projects with other members of the community and use this website to prepare for job openings as a developer.

The main advantage of using FreeCodeCamp is that the learning process is divided into modules, which makes your experience easy and fun, and at the end of the training program, you can even get a certificate in programming that will give you Getting one can help. Job as a developer.


Geeks for geeks

Geeks for Geeks is a valuable blog for novice designers. Content published on the blog covers programming languages such as C, C++, Java and Python, web application development and machine learning. Educational content is organized to guide developers step by step. First, you can read articles with basic information about the technology and its installation environment. After this, you are provided with articles about data types, operators used etc. and basic functions. When you've finished learning the basics, you can move on to more advanced topics, e.g. Use of specific frameworks and libraries. Developers can easily learn programming from almost every post as they contain code snippets which are required to build a specific functionality. Also, the articles use examples, making it easier for the reader to understand the problem.


DEV Community

DEV Community is a platform combining some elements of social media with a traditional blog. Anyone can publish articles on a wide variety of programming topics. Developers can share their experiences, provide advice and write tutorials to teach different programming languages and frameworks. Some users create special challenges to motivate others to learn new techniques. For example, in the "49 Days of Ruby Learning" program Every day an article was published describing issues related to coding in Ruby. The basics of writing code in this technology were discussed in the first post. Later people explained more complex issues. Right now, there are more than 619,000 enrolled clients on the stage. Everyone can interact with the authors of the posts by asking questions in the comments section, or follow some of the authors to stay up to date with the articles. The DEV community is a great place for both novice developers and IT experts. Many creators make an immense measure of content, and everybody can track down something for themselves here.



Lynda is one of the best online learning programming websites for most of the people around the world with more than 6000 courses ranging from WordPress to PHP. Lynda lets you evaluate your performance through quizzes.

You must be wondering about the topics covered in this programming blog. Well, Linda has a wide variety of topics, but some of the courses related to web development that you can find on this website are:



If you are looking for a large and friendly online community of web developers from all over the world, check this blog out. Here you will find many classes of coding and web programming languages. The site covers a lot of web development and programming topics, which will allow you to improve your coding in no time. Here you can find a lot of useful information and where you can take advantage of learning from the best experts in this field.


My Programming Blog

This blog contains posts on programming related tips, techniques and shortcuts. It integrates C, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails educational activities. Established in 2011, the blog aims to help people find tools for programming and development.

The blog's founder started the site with some simple notes and questions that he collected in his college class. The posts were highly sought after by viewers, and eventually, his personal blog became a one-stop destination for programming reviews, snippets, and tutorials.


Coding Horror

Coding Horror is a blog by Jeff Atwood, who spends significant time in building sites. Jeff and Joel Spolsky created Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network (formerly known as Stack Exchange). Readers appreciate Jeff for his insight as well as for his awareness of what's actually good. Atwood describes the difficult issues related to building websites in an accessible and understandable manner. More than 280,000 people follow his account on Twitter.


Solo Learn

Sololearn is the fastest growing online community dedicated to coding, with over 22 million learners worldwide learning to code using their website.

What topics are covered in this programming blog? Using this platform, you can learn more than 10 programming languages for free. The archive includes posts related to Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby, jQuery.

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What Every Beginner Needs to Know About Programming